workover rig (XJ350 Live well )

Production technical parameter

workover rig part:

Drive type:10χ8

Engine type:NTA-855-C360

Engine power:264kW/2200r/min

Rated load:600kN

Max. load:900kN

Derrick height:24m double sections

Working Height:6.6m

Traveling system:3χ4

Hydraulic torque converter Model:BY352

The max. speed of rig:50km/h

The max. grade climbing:20%

The min. ground clearance:450mm

well head equipment part

The max. lifting load:500 kN

The max. snubbing force:200 kN

The max. lifting speed:0.32m/s

The max. snubbing speed:0.49m/s

The well head sealed pressure:21MPa

The snub tool length ≤2.6m

The travel of lifting cylinder:3.2m

21MPa 350 type hydraulic unitization live well workover rig is the new product of our company, it is applicable the situation that kill block completion without load fluid and without open flow, it is can be service in the unloading well, waer injection well and gas well not more than 4000m, it can protect effectively the original energy, it can reduce acid fracturing step, and need not blow down, reduce operation cycle time, at the same time, it can avoid the invest of load fluid and other ground equipment, no pollution, protecting environment. The new type workover rig is environmental protection equipment that the tools for operating under pressure on the truck, the structure is reasonable, the move is good performance. The working process is hydraulic control.
The cost of introducing:
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Contact information:
Tonghua Petro-chemical Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd
No 2607, Jianshe Street Tonghua City, Jilin Province[134000]
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