Normal Wellhead & X-mas Tree

Detailed Product Description:

Normal Wellhead & X-mas Tree

1. KY65-21 wellhead & X-mas tree comes in two types for flowing wells and pumping wells. For wells that can flow themselves and pressure at welhead are not more than 25 MPa, flowing wellhead can be used,For pumping wells,pumping wells, pumping welhead can be used. Flowing wellhead canbe converted into pumping wellhead conbeniently only by reptacing the tee, cross and polished rod stuffing box.

The product has advantages of fast in installation,reliable in seal and beautiful in appearance.

2. KY65-35 wellhead & X-mas tree uses flanges for connection.It has the advantages such as easy in installation,fast in dismanting, reliable in seal both under low pressure and high pressure and long in working life.


Accordance with API SPEC 6A standard, and have the certificate of authority to use the official API monogram.

The cost of introducing:
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Contact information:
Shengli Oilfield Tongtai International Trading Company Limited
Room 704, Shengtai Mansion, No.604, Xisi Rd, Dongying, Shandong, China[257000]
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