wellhead control panel

Date: 02 Dec 2009

Operate multiple single and dual producing strings.

Operate multiple single and dual injection strings.

Interchangeable modules with retrievable draw-out design simplifies both operation and maintenance purpose

Flow line pressure indication and shuts in wells.

Bypass facilities for maintenance, on-line services and start-up operation.


Rugged offshore construction:

Utilizes only proven design and reliable components.

·  Material used is 316 stainless steel construction (unless otherwise indicated).

·  Panels are fabricated from 316 stainless steel, with minimum 3 mm thickness.(Painting applies where applicable.)

·  Well organized layout and extensive component tagging simplify operation and servicing.

·    Component tagging is cross-referenced to drawings for fast troubleshooting. Schematics use easy-to-read modified ISA symbology.

·  Provides a fail-safe shutdown of wellhead surface valve, SSV (Master/Wing Valves) in the event of a hazardous and/or abnormal operating conditions.

·  Provide a fail-safe shutdown of wellhead sub-surface safety valve, DHSV (Down hole Valves) in the event of hazardous and/or abnormal operating conditions.

·  Panel logic is designed with the first-out indication logic.

·  Properly sized distribution header for Instrument Air and Hydraulic Supply.

·  Fittings are AISI 316 Stainless Steel, double ferrule compression Swagelok type.

·  Tubing are 316 Stainless Steel, seamless ASTM A269, fully annealed.

·  Certifications:  Ex(d) certified and suitable for use in Zone 1 group   IIA Class T6 according to IEC 79.

·  Panel enclosure design to IP65 minimum.

·  Factory calibration to API standard.

Environmental Data:  

·  Enclosure IP65

·  Operating temperature -20°C ~ +60°Cw

·  Storage temperature -30°C ~ +60°Cw

·  Humidity 0% ~ 100%( condensing )

Physical Data:  

·  enclosure, material : Stainless steel 316w

·  enclosure, dimensions: Custom requirement.

Power Supply:  

·  Nominal 24 VDC (18-36 VDC)

·  Power consumption (confirmed per configuration)        Utilities :  

·  Panel operated with two main sources of energy.

·  Instrument Air / Instrument Gas / Sour Gas4 bar to 10 bar (or as requested).

·  Hydraulic System

·  - DHSV : 500 to 5000 psig (or as requested)  

- SSV: 2500 to 3000 psig (or as requested)


·  Operating Instruction Manual

·  Start-Up Manual

·    Maintenance Manual

·  Sizing Calculation

·  Mill Certificates / Certificate of Compliance

·  Test Procedure

·  Utilities Consumption Calculations: 24 VDC & Air/Gas Supply.

·  Functional Design Specification.

·  Design Drawings

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