Wellhead and Christmas Tree Ground Control System

Date: 26 Aug 2009
Ground Security Control System(Wellhead Control Panel), referring to specification for ground security control system, combining with consumer actual conditions, design, manufacture and experiment to achieve the protection and anti-explosion class standard demanded by relevant well production technics. It is provided with function of logistic control, when accidents happen in the well fields, for example, a fire accurs, wellhead and pipelines increase at super high or low pressure, pipe or thread leaks, Control System can automatically cut-off in logistic sequence and achieve remote cut-off in an emergency situation to protect environment, property and people, also can carry out production technics cut-off by demand.
Primary Technical Parameters:
    Operating environment: caustic;
    Temperature: -35℃~120℃;
    Explosion-protection area: CLASS 1 DIV 11;
    Power source: 380VAC±10% 50HZ;
    Logistic control pressure: 60-80Psi;
    Wing valve control pressure: 6000Psi;
    Main valve control pressure: 6000Psi;
    Downhole safety valve control pressure: 15000Psi;
    Hydraulic choke valve control pressure: 1500Psi;
    Control mode :air control, electricity control, PLC process control 
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