Portable Control System

Date: 26 Aug 2009
(1) Hand pump power supply, filter equipment and pressure adjustment equipment can open emergency cut-off valve manually.
    (2) Pressure sensors, which set away from valve 0.5m, can set pressure reference point to check pressure of flowline. When the pressure is exceptional or the wellhead is destroyed, and flowline pressure increases above or below the pressure sensors “high” or “low” settings, the system automatically closes the valve in an emergency. High-pressure setting: 4000Psi, low-pressure setting: 500Psi, it can also adjust by demand.
    (3) The system prevent gas circuit from leaking out, maximum working pressure: 6000Psi; When cut-off doesn’t operate automatically in exceptional situation, or the valve need to be closed, the system can cut- off manually in no more than 4s.
    (4) The system faceplate is installed instrument of valve contact pressure, pipelines pressure.
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