Multi-Wellhead Control System

Date: 26 Aug 2009
 (1)The control system is made up of many units which are provided with function of single-well control. All units share general hydraulic power supply, every single-well unit is unattached, and they are linked with general control panel by hydraulic control pipelines and signal cable. The system accumulate every single-well information by general control panel to transport to wellhead RTU by signal cable, then the remote gathering and transportation station have remote control function.
    (2)General hydraulic power supply contains petrol tank, filter, accumulator,and so on. It is provided with not only opening SSV main hydraulic pressure supply, but also closing ESD of SSV function. ESD function can be emergency cut-off manually and remote emergency cut-off, intelligent transmitter of hydraulic pressure supply testing which contained can export 4~20mA analog signals to wellhead RTU. And system control electric motor by Pressure Relay, which can complement pressure. The anti-explosion class of compositive electrical control box is EXXdⅡBT4.
    (3)Maximum pressure: 6000Psi. The system sets over-voltage protection function.
    (4)Pulled modular control panel is the most advanced design in present multi-wellhead control system, every single module can test fully functional plant, which is in favor of field maintenance and repairing.
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