PCL human machine interface ground BOP controller

Date: 03 Jun 2009

It is our new product with the program logical control as the core. The remote control includes three parts:
1)HMI control box, control by the HMI touch screen;
2)PLC is the core of the remote control. The PLC is installed on the installation panel;
3)Online UPS power system。

Technical parameter:

Input signal:read analog input:current4~20mA
Output signal: switch output DC24V/5A
Source voltage:220VAC(85~220VAC)
Remote voltage:24VDC
Ambient temperature:0~+50℃
Relative humidity ≦85%RH
Communication method:Profibus-DP
Baud rate:1200~57600bps

System supported language: Chinese/ English/ Russian/ Spanish/ French
Video mode:liquid crystal touch screen

Contact information:
Dongsu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
No. 107, Daxiangcong Rd., Shawan Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong[511436]
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