Date: 04 Aug 2009

  Learning the advantages of similar products from foreign factories, DQ20Y1 Top Drive is light and smart, easy to operate, convenient to install and move. Both its overall structure design and hydraulic system control get to the first level in China . It is suit for complex well drilling and coal-bed gas drilling.

  DQ20Y1 Top Drive applies to 2000~ 3000m drilling rig with derrick over 35m high and XJ650 or higher service machine. It uses hydraulic-driven electrohydraulic control; driven parts are made up of hydraulic motor and hydraulic retarder; hoisting system is equipped with double loading passage way; dynamic and static seal of rotating turret uses imported sealing elements(importing from Busak+Shamban Co., Ltd) ; pipe treating equipment can turn around 360°; uses straight-line backup wrench; IBOP hydraulic control; electric control system uses field centric lines, PLC logic control to completely control and monitor systems; can diagnose faults, warn and safely interlock.

  ?  Apply to rig drilling below 3000m , and 120~150t service machine;

  ?  Service including: window sidetrack drilling, old well deepening, directional and small-hole well drilling, coal-bed gas drilling, extended reach well servicing.

  ?  Used for fields with limited derrick space; can simplify treating process of logy accidents;

  ?  Tripping uses two oblique arms and a rotating turret to easily grab and push drilling tools.

  ?  Double- or triple-join drilling; constantly long-cylinder coring to reduce tripping workload;

  ?  Can lift drilling tools, do circular backreaming, clean well hole and steady sidewall in arbitrary positions in drilling process;

  ?  Can quickly turn off inner blowout preventer as well killing and well browout.

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