Integral Spiral Blade Stabilizer

We manufacture integral spiral blade stabilizer, integral straight-rib stabilizer, sleeve replaceable type stabilizer, float valve stabilizer, drilling reamer, unbalanced spiral blade stabilizer and variable-diameter stabilizer, all above products comply with API Spec.7.
Integral 3-Spiral Blade Stabilizer, Integral 4-Spiral Blade Stabilizer (string type ,near bit type ). The working hardfacing surface (also called as wall contact )materials available separately are (1) carbide insert,(2) Inserted diamond compound, (3) Low temperature brazing tungsten carbide slug,(4) Surface bead welding abrasive welding rod, etc.
The cost of introducing:
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Contact information:
Tianhe Petroleum Machinery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd
No.43,West Diming Street ,Mudanjiang City,Heilongjiang Province,China[157011]
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