Stabilizer with Rollers(Rotary Reamer)

Date: 25 Sep 2009

The Rotary Reamer is designed for various reaming operation but particularly for stabilization purposes when drilling in very abrasive formations. It will fit hole sizes ranging from 6" to 28".In addition, each body by simple adjustment of blocks and proper selection of cutters, will suit a wide range of hole sizes.

Three different types (T,F and B) of cutters are offered:
Type T: Milled, machined with hardfaced sharp teeth for soft formations.
Type F: Milled, machined with hardfaced flat teeth, for medium hard formations.
Type B: Equipped with pressed-in tungsten carbide buttons, for hard formations.

Contact information:
Beijing OCEAN RENDA petroleum Equipment Co.,Ltd
Room 803,7th Building Tianchang Yuan Beichen Green Homeland Beiyuan Road Chaoyang Distrcit Beijing. [0]
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