gas-type ZCQ

Date: 20 Jul 2009
In addition to the gas-type ZCQ
I. Overview
In addition to the vacuum-ZCQ gas is a gas used to deal with the Baptist drilling equipment. In addition to the gas plant is at home and abroad in addition to the various types of gas-based on the development of a new addition to the gas, applicable to all types of mud purification systems support. For the restoration of the proportion of the mud has a very important role, at the same time, in the mud does not contain gases, can also be used as high-power mixer using the mud.
Second, the main technical parameters:
Third, installation, maintenance and use of:
1. Less stringent requirements on the site, as long as no obvious tilt can be;
2. In addition to the gas-tank vacuum top should be washed once a week to avoid debris blocked passage of gas.
Rinse, high pressure will control the vacuum pipe from the valve seat access, washing 3 to 5 minutes.
2. In addition to the use of gas-end, cutting off power, should be unloaded as the block-hole plate, the rotor wash tank and vacuum suction pipes and check for any damaged parts and components, tank removal of foreign body, with high-pressure pipe irrigation tank wall And the rotor.
3. Temperature higher than 40 ℃, see the vacuum table at any time, when the vacuum is less than 0.03 MPa to keep the water temperature inside the vacuum of not more than 45 ℃.
4. Normal operation of the vacuum pump, should be to observe whether there is a vibration, pump if there were miscellaneous sound and fill the determination letter and bearing temperature (bearing the normal temperature than the ambient temperature shall not be higher than 40 ℃, temperature should not exceed 70 ℃). If there are abnormal vacuum pump, should immediately check stands.
5. If it is found that inhalation of fluid in vacuum pumps, vacuum-conditioning should be at the top of the tank control valve in order to reduce the vacuum to prevent the drilling fluid into the vacuum to continue in.
6. The use of the winter, in time to release gas and water separator pump in the water to prevent Donglie.
7. Every January, oil can be used guns to the main charge in Na-bearing grease. Charge into the capacity of 200ml.
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