Rotary table


1.    The hook is designed and manufactured in accordance with API 8C and SY/T5531 standard and have the right to use API symbol.

2.    Rotary table rotation adopts spiral bevel gear, has strong load capacity, operates steadily, has long lifetime.

3.    The shell of rotary table is designed as cast welding structure with strong rigidity and high precision.

4.    Gear and bearing adopt splash lubrication.

5.    Integral main bush is steel casting parts.

6.    Pin rotation type can adopt Roller type bushing of API standard Kelly or hexagonal Kelly, long and short slip are avaible.

7. Pin driving rotary table can use roller kelly bushing in accordance with API  standard,both long and short slip are also used in rotary table
The rotary table is designed and manufactured in accordance with API 7K and SY/T5531 standard.

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Dongying Jianxin Petroleum Equipment Company
Dongzhao Building,Dongying City[257000]
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