Downward Barbell Balancing Pumping Unit

1. Structure is simple, and performance is reliable.
  With the advantages of traditional and the bended-beam pumping unit, it not only has a simple structure and is easy to operate, but also meets the requirement of production of thick oil, and in deep wells.
2. Low strokes per minute, suitable for thick oil recovery
  Alleviate the load fluctuation in order to operate steadily. Solve the problem of slow speed, big resistance, light load in down-stroke and opposite in up-stroke.
3. Energy–saving and good balance
  It adopts crank adding beam downward balancing, owning energe-saving and good balance.Peak of reducer output torque reduces by 20%~60% than traditional one, while the 12 type output torque reduces by 55% than traditional one.
4. Compare with pumping unit of same load, its volume is smaller, which increases its competitiveness in the market.
5. Low starting current made it easy to start, exert smaller impact to the network .
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