Slant Gear Pumping Unit

Date: 31 Aug 2009

Slant gear pumping unit is not limited to previous four bar structure again, centers on the slant gear of beam tail, and forms six bar structure.


The pumping unit keeps many advantages of four bar pumping unit such as high reliability long service life, convenient maintenance. The pumping unit is more advanced in usageinstallationcommissionmaintenanceoperation respect, saves electricity as many as 30% to 50% per well in comparison with conventional beam pumping unit.


  The slant gear pumping unit is applied to thin oil wellheavy oil well ,waxy oil well and all kinds of oil well .It has low maximum line speed of  point of suspension ,strong load capacity, and can work with  large load range. Engine power and reducer casing torque of the pumping unit reduce by 30%-50% in comparison with the same type of conventional pumping unit, and system efficiency of pumping well increases by 20%-50%.

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