Pumping Units

Date: 28 Dec 2009

 We produced the pumping unit which varieties complete and wide coverage,it can meet production conditions different needs of the domestic and international oilfield.Company annual production capacity has reached more than 500 Tai,and has adopted GB/T199001(ISO9001)quality certification system and API 11E certification.
Because of simple structure, high reliability, easy operation and installation,Conventional beam pumping unit but also have the distinctive features wit stroke length,stock per minute low,and significant energysaving effect.And we have been designed and developed 9 series modelsincludeCYJS3,4,5,6,8,10,12,14,16 of Conventional beam pumping unit and profiled beam pumping unit.
  The profiled beam pumping unit is the promotion projects of China National Petroleum Corporation and the National Science and Technology Achievements. The aircraft is used for low and high viscosity crude oil exploitation of the apuifer long stroke of energy-efficient pumps Everyone can also be used for oil exploitation. The aircraft used adjustable arc-shaped beam after the boom,the beam between he beams and used flexible connectivity structure, not only retains the advantages of the conven tional machine,but also a long stroke,dynamic load small,low energy consumption,high efficiency,stable,easy to start and so on.Currently,we have developed 6series models include CYJS6,8,10,12,14 etc.,and it is promoted in many oil fields of the country.

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