Normal sized(traveling beam)Pumping Unit

Date: 21 Dec 2009

Features of Normal sized(traveling
beam)Pumping Unit:

● All technical parameters conform to the regulations of API Standard 11E.

● The whole unit are simple structure, simple in operation, low noise and convenient servicing, etc.

● Walking beam is a box structure or H-steel structure ,high strength, excellent rigidity and high loading capacity.

● Gear reducer adopts involute or dual-arc gears with high precision cutting, high bearing capacity and long service life.

● Its center bearing seat and beam bearing seat adopt roller bearings and boast good airproof and high bearing capacity; Beam bearing and brace pin bearing adopt adjusting bearing structure to the error in installation and vibration when pumping unit operates.

● Horse head can adopt side rotating, hanging, upwards or self-demising structure.

● The pumping unit meets the API Spec 11E ,is allowed to use the API Monogram.
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