Belt pumping unit

Date: 31 Aug 2009
The Belt pumping units had the patent of American. It takes full advantages of all pumping units by years of research and development. As a unique engineering breakthrough, the 100% mechanical belt is especially suitable for producing high volume fluid in deep wells with rod pump. We had developed to seven types. Lots of products had been exported to America, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia and other countries in addition to using well in Shengli, Daqing, Liaohe etc., and almost every big oilfield in China. The advantages are high efficiency, reliability and energy saving.
1. Slow, Long Strokes
Long stroke leads to more complete barrel filling, less fluid pounding. Slow period means less wear on downhole equipment and less direction reverse. The operational cost is reduced.
2. Belt Transmission
A long life heavy duty belt transmission can absorb the shock during stroke reverse, thus effectively reducing the stress on downhole components, and rod strings run uniformly.
3. Low Torque Demand
The torque arm is only 0.46m, so the torque demand is greatly reduced, thereby, smaller prime mover and gear box maybe possible. Comparing to other artificial lift system, belt can cut down energy costs by 10% to 40%.
4. Optimum Structure Design, Safety and Convenience
Automatically braking equipment and two sets of brake systems (mechanical & gas) promise the unit absolutely safety. Enclosed unit design makes the unit convenience in shipping and workover, and safety also.
5. High Reliability and Low Maintenance
High reliability by using antifriction bearings, heavy duty belt, heavy load sleeve roller chains, mechanical balance and self-protection, carrying load evenly and perfect rigidity through optimum design.
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