oil well pump

Date: 02 Dec 2009
After improvement, the ground floor driver screw pumps have formed a series of products, which are used in exploiting crude oil, high freezing point oil, waxy oil, high dense oil. It is a good supplement for oil sucking machine. Own to its little investment, high efficiency, low consumption, simple structure and convenient installation, screw pump has been widely used in exploiting oil.
  There are two parts: the first part, called driver, is on the ground, which composed of electricity engine, triangle strip, gear, driving axis etc. The second part, called pump is under the well.
◎ During working process, the power screws, the driven screws and the pumps form a sealed together.
    With rotation of the screw, the fluid makes axial movements following the seal chamber, and the fluid is transmitted to the delivery side of the pump stably and continuously.
◎ Because the volume of the seal chamber remains constant during the working pulsation when the pump provides fluids.
◎ Synchronous gears with independent lubrication is employed to transfer torque from power screw to driven screw.Thus it may be guaranteed that no metallic contact or dynamic transfer is produced between the working components. This reliability of the components accounts for no harm done even when dry runninghappens for a while.
◎ The specially designed suction side leads to the relatively low axial velocity of the medium during work. Thurs the NPSHr amount is very low, while the pump posses high suction capacity. Besides, due to the special structures of the suction and discharge sides, the pump can store enough medium while it stops, so it possesses relatively high self-priming abilities.
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