XY-3 core drill

1.      XY-3 is a new type of core drill which is developed especially to meet the need of various drilling process mainly in diamond drilling, the power machine of which can either be motor diesel engine. The vertical drill as it is, it has the following advantages:

2.      1 、The drill can meet the various high efficiency drilling process requirements such as the diamond cable, concussion turning, orientation drilling and reverse circulation core-drilling.

a)      The wider range of vertical XY-3 drill speed can be set into many gears and the range of 33-1002r/min can be divided into nine forward gear and two reverse gear to meet the different need of various drilling process.

b)      Equipped with the anti-torque gear to hold the spindle without rotation, the drill operation during orientation drilling is very convenient.

c)      The monitor and alarm of the parameters such as the torque and related drilling can be realized.

3.      2、he drill can be run with high reliability

a)      The drill is equipped with the gear-box, clutch and universal drive shaft of the light automobile for high reliability, long fife and convenient replacement.

b)      Adopting the connecting rod reinforcement spring cramp, hydraulic loosen chuck which is off normally and carbide inserted pipe slips, the clamping can be with large force, longevity and high reliability.                                                             

4.      3)There are oil filters both in the oil absorbing and retuning of the hydraulic system. So      the hydraulic oil can be kept clean and the reliability of hydraulic system can be improved.

5.      3、 It’s equipped with bile bottom pressure gauge to conveniently keep the information of the hole insider
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