XD-5A Diamond Core Drill 

XD-5A Diamond Core Drill,patented by the State Intellectual Property Office
  (No.ZL200530136401.1),with great power and hydraulic rotary unit, is designed to perform
  as an versatile base platform for core drilling, percussion drilling, reverse circulation drilling
  and rotary drilling.It is also used for construction drilling, well drilling and anchor drilling.
  The instrument could show the real time output power, rotary speed, in-hole pressure and
  pump pressure, which is convenient for observing and recording the drilling conditions. It is
  available that the optional trailer mounted for mobility.

  Hydraulic transmission and control and high integration
  Long feed stroke to prevent the core clogging
  Great power and high torque, suiting for deep hole core drilling
  Hydraulic mast raising
  Independent operator platform and simple, manual and hydraulic controls for ease of service

  Main parameter 
   Depth  1200m Φ71rod  700m Φ89rod
   Drilling Angle  45°-90°
   Rotation speed r/min 1,30-420;2,60-730;3,80-970
   Torque kN·m 1,2.65;2,1.539;3,1.159
   Inside diameter of chuck mm Φ94
   Feed stroke mm 3500
   Feed cylinder pull capacity kN 130
   Feed cylinder thrust capacity kN 40
   Main hoist pull capacity kN single 77 double 155
   Main hoist speed m/min 8-48(single)
   Wireline hoist pull capacity kN 12
   Wireline hoist speed m/min 25-210
   Power kW 75
   Weights kg 5100
   Dimensions mm 4540×2160×1860

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Contact information:
Shandong Geological Prospecting Machinery Plant
1,3rd District,Dianliu,xincun,Jinan,Shandong[0]
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