Vibration drilling(ZD-1)

Vibration drilling is achieved by its weight and vibration force as vibrator drive drill to vibrate which leads to the surrounding rock and soil also vibrate, as the result of the high vibration frequency, the strength of rock or soil is reduced. Pulling out the casing pipe and handling accident occurred in the hole are achieved by vibrator.
Vibration drilling is applicable to sand, loam, thin clay, clay and other strata. It has high drilling efficiency for soft rock.
Driven by hydraulic motor, ZD-1 vibrator is a double-spindle eccentric-type through-hole vibrator. Its through-hole diameter is 115 mm, and 110mm drilling tool can pass it.
Vibration body quality: 120 kg
Vibrator quality: 137 kg
Through-hole diameter: 115mm
Body vibration amplitude: 8 ~ 12 mm
Vibration frequency: 1,000, 1,100, 1,200, 1,300/min
Max. exciting force:
8,985, 10,872.2, 12,938, 15,185 N
Overall dimension: 460×332×484 mm
Hydraulic motor model: CMC-C18C-FL
Rated pressure: 10Mpa
Rated rotation speed: 1,800r/min
Output volume: 18.2ml/r
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