Test Pump

Pneumatic test pump, based on the working principle of pneumatic test pump imported from abroad and considering the realities of China, is a new test assembly.
For compressed air as power supply and pneumatic pump as pressure source and proportionality of output-fluid pressure with air-supply pressure, the pneumatic can adjust the air-supply pressure and get relevant fluid pressure, as there’s balance between the air-pressure and fluid pressure, pressurization of air pneumatic pump ceases, the output-fluid pressure stays at the pressure pre-adjusted, pressure-rise speed control depends on air-input rate control, so it features explosion-proof, output pressure being adjusted, pressure-rise speed being control, small volume, light weight, simple operation, reliable property, wide usage range and so on, it is specifically available for the high-pressure and super-pressure inspection for pressed equipments such as blowout protection equipment in oil-field drilling project, valve, pipeline, connector and pressure vessel, as well as measurement tools for science & development department and examination administration.
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Yancheng sanni Petrochemical Machinery Co; Ltd
NO.18 jianyang Road,Jianhu county,Jiangsu,China[0]
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