TPY-30 Core Drill


    TPY-30 drilling machine is a type of shallow-hole drilling machine for exploration, it is suitable for drilling in soil, sand soil and medium harden rock drilling. It can be used not only in both explosion hole drilling for petroleum survey and core drilling for engineering geological exploration, but also in foundation exploration of industrial and civel buil dings, and grout hole drilling for reservoir and dam.


● Light, good detachability, easy moving, suitable for mountainous area.
● Mechanical transmission, hydraulic feed, equipped with hydraulic chuck, increase drilling efficiency, reduce labour strengthness.
● Hydraulic retraction to let the drill body away from the hole, easy lifting and lowering the drilling tools.
● Perfect performances, simple and compact design, easy operation.
● Largely powered, reasonable speed range, suitable for various drilling methods.
● Equipped with light and detachable aluminium alloy derrick.

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Chongqing Exploration Machinery Factory
No.1 Happy Neibourhood Xiaolongkan[400030]
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