Sucker Rod

Grade: D with Grade T coupling

Manufacturing method: forged hot-rolled alloy steel 20CrMoA

Grade D Sucker Rod is made of fine alloy steel by forging. It is featured by high strength, better plasticity and long service life after heat treatment. It is suitable for the deeper oil well in the non-corrosion or light-corrosion medium. Super-high strength sucker rod newly developed is made of the special alloy steel. This kind of rod has the same size, structure and parameters as Grade D sucker rod except having higher strength. Its strength can exceed 965 Mpa but its plasticity is not lowered. Super-high strength sucker rod is used for deep oil well and big-pump capacity oil well in the non-corrosion or light-corrosion environment.

Before manufacture, the advanced spectrometer is applied for conducting material analysis. , During manufacture, the magnetic leakage detector is used to detect steel pipe one by one. In the course of calcinations, the infrared thermometer is used to monitor the heating temperature. Then the steps are thermal insulation, air-hast or quenching. After DC heating & straightening, the impeller cleaning is applied along surface, for the purpose of increasing product endurance strength. The head of sucker rods will be painted automatically after processed by NC lathe to guarantee the product quality. During whole process, there are integral quality control measures.
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