Stand-pipe manifold


  Stand-pipe manifold Detailed parameter 
ZJGH100/35 drilling fluid manifold consists of Z23Y100-5000PSI & Z23Y50-5000PSImud valve, high-pressure spherical union, high-pressure core union, tee, high-pressure hose, elbow, pressure gauge, and pup joint etc.
Ground valve-group adopts goose type tee with compact structure, little fluid resistance and large power effectuality.Adaptor spool adopted on rigid valve-group can be directly used as single pipe on site.
High-pressure union, made of high-strength alloy steel and heat-treated, can create quick strip. As for being manufactured with special machining tool, it can create seal under fine sphere and core matched with sealing ring.
The gate and valve seat of Z23Y-5000PSI mud valve are welded with carbide against erosion and corrosion, so that it can enlarge the working life, little operating torque.
Elbow, adaptor, tee and cross are made of highstrength alloy steel, with suited wall thickness and fine heat treatment, so it can meet the requirement on strength and corrosion.

The part required at high precision, should be machined with special technique to ensure the manufacture quality, and the pressed part should be hydrostatic tested on strength and sealing property to ensure the ex-plant quality.
Stand-pipe manifold
1. First to clean up each sealing face and sealing groove of union and coat it with grease and get rid of dirt from the pipeline.
2. Check whether each jointer is fastened or not.
3. As for shipping, to disassemble into parts, clean up pipes, coat the connections with grease and then, to be wrapped well up to avoid foreigner entrance and sealing surface damage.
1. Regularly inject mud gate valve with grease to maintain the gate valve;
2. Regularly check whether all connecting position and
fixing bolts are loose;
3. If leak around sealing position, the seal should be replaced immediately;
4. Keep the outer surface of the manifold clean and paint it against rust regularly.

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