No-magnetic drill collar

It is made of high quality low-carbon-alloy steel. The raw material undergo a rigorous analysis of the chemical composition by forging, through the testing of mechanical properties of hardness, toughness , impact value and intergranular corrosion cracking performance in order to reach the requirement of standards, at the same time owning a good low permeability and mechanical processing performance .
Magnetic permeability(MPS=1×105/4∏A/m)
Magnetic Field Gradient:△B≤0.05μt
Free of host spots

  If order or inquiry please mention:
    · Outer diameter of drill collar
    · Inner diameter of drill collar
    ·Connection type
    · Stress-relief  groove
    · Zip groves forelevators and slip
    ·Any other special requirements
The cost of introducing:
The contact about this company is Fees Information, you must spend a small amount of money to obtain it. Click Here to see the price table.
Contact information:
Jiyuan Sanhe Zhengyuan Petroleum Machinery Co.,LTD
South of Sanhe Villiage, Sili Town, Jiyuan City, Henan, China[454650]
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