GX-1TD Core Drill

  Geological drilling for railroad, highway, bridge tunnel, power station foundation, civil and industrial buildings and blasting hole etc.


◆ Spindle type, mechanical transmission, hydraulic feeding, and steel skid frame mounted.
◆ Hydraulic retracting lets drill body away from the drill hole, in order to hoist or lower the drilling tools.
◆ Hydraulic chuck, labor saving.
◆ Advanced design, multi-function, compact structure, lightweight, good detachability, easy to operate.
◆ Large-powered, reasonable range of speeds, large torque, suitable for many drilling methods.
◆ According to user's requirements the drilling machine can be equipped with mudpump, a variety kinds of drilling tools, A-derrick etc, for client choice.

The cost of introducing:
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Contact information:
Chongqing Exploration Machinery Factory
No.1 Happy Neibourhood Xiaolongkan[400030]
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