CD-2 Core Drill

CD-2 drilling machine is an important project of "the Ninth five" of original Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources of China, is a newly designed medium-shallow deep core drilling rig, this kind of drilling machine has three typies, one is base CD-2, one is CD-2B with variable motor, another is CD-2L having large inner diameter


    Mainly used in geology drilling, also engineering geology drilling, water well drilling, hydrographic drilling and large diameter, grouting hole drilling. Compact structure, lightweight, easy to operate. The machine is equipped with upper and lower hydraulic chucks automatically running back without stopping in drilling. Drilling efficiently, decrease accidents
l Digital meter for speeds, drilling rate, drilling pressure, mud pressure, directly observed.
l Dished spring-lever hydraulic chuck, working safely, long working life.

The cost of introducing:
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Chongqing Exploration Machinery Factory
No.1 Happy Neibourhood Xiaolongkan[400030]
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