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Date: 02 Dec 2009
Mole Brand Screw drill, an under-well motor driller used in oil field directional well and drilling technology, has more advantages than turbo driller etc. It is widely used in directional well, cluster well, large deflection well, horizontal well of different semidiamater, multilateral well, sidetrack horizontal well etc. We could also provide special drillers, leading drillers, hot temperature drillers, vertical drillers and screw drillers for geological exploration according to customers’ requirements.
  Adopted Volumetric motor, the driller’s running principle is opposite to that of screw pump. It is simple in structure, easily operated and of firm capacity, which is a perfect driving tool.
Input flux and output speed become direct ratio;
  Output torque has a linear relation with motor load pressure;
  To reduce wear of drill pipe, simplify operation, improve precision and save power;
  Be able to bear high drilling pressure, long life span;
   Be used for special driller and leading driller;
   Large pressure drops and clear flushing drillers;
  Large input capacity, strong scraps carrying ability;
Suitable for various drillers.
   Pressure drops are 3.5Mpa, 7.0Mpa respectively, which are used in well mending and drilling; outer diameter ranges from 95mm to 244mm; there are single curved, reversed direction double curved, same direction double curved drillers, and leading drillers, hot temperature drillers, straight drillers, small size drillers, spreader drillers etc.
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