ground BOP controller(FKQ1280-7)

Date: 16 Mar 2009
NO. NAME Parameter
1.1 Working pressure 21 MPa (3000psi)
1.2 Controlled object quantity one ring style, two half sealed style, one sealed style, one discharge nozzle, one standby
1.3 Remote control console (sundries house in the corrugated iron house with interlayer) 12000mm(L)×3000mm(W)×2610mm(H)
1.4 oil tank effective volume 2000L(528gal)
1.5 electric pump output, pressure, dynamo power 42L(11gal)/min×2、21MPa (3000psi)、18.5KW
1.6 gas-operated pump output × pressure× quantity 8L(2.1gal)/min@10.5MPa(1500psi)×3
1.7 gas-operated pump air source pressure (maxim air consumption) 0.53 ~0.8MPa(77~116psi) (4.5m3/分钟)
1.8 accumulator volume and structure 80L(21gal)×16,distribute bisymmetrically
1.9 accumulator nitrogen charging pressure 7±0.7 MPa(1015±102psi)
1.10 ram- type preventer control main fold manual pressure reducing overflow valve 0~14 MPa(2000psi), by pass valve start 21 MPa(3000psi)
1.11 ring preventer control main fold 0~18 MPa(2610psi)
1.12 electric pump automatic switch control <18.9 MPa(2700psi)Start、21 MPa(3000psi)Stop
1.13 gas-operated pump automatic switch control <18 MPa(2600psi) Start、21 MPa(3000psi) Stop
1.14 pressure display, delivery three shock proof pressure meter, three gas-operated shock proof pressure sensor:
1.15 hydraulic pressure output interface, input interface NPT 1″14个、NPT1″1个,choose either inside or outside screw thread
2.1 appearance and weight of driller’s console 800(L)×450(W)×1800(H)、Weight:0.15t
2.2 control function by pass control 1, pressure reducing valve control 1, three-position four-way turning valve 7
2.3 display function air source pressure 1, long distance liquid pressure 3, BOP switch position 7
2.4 air source pressure >0.6MPa~0.8 MPa(87~116psi)
2.5 control lag time?

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