drill unit(ZCT-5 Type)

Date: 10 Dec 2009

ZCT-5 type drill unit is complete sets of equipment which is putting the exploration equipment of drilling machine, mud pump tower and so on, on a removable trailer coach, control using electricity system, better retiring room and lighting facilities. It can works on the area of desert, half desert or grassland at  +40~30 C  temperatrue day and night all-year. It also improve the operators’ work and life conditions. Its feature follow (1) equipments match completely (2) removable and removable and remove the unit convenience (3) lift tower by hydraulic pressure, so assembling the unit is simple and convenient (4) the range of variation of the pump’s runoff and pressure is very wise, so  It satisfies many technological and aperture requirements.

Main technical parameter

1、  drilling machine model    XY-5  core drilling machine

power machine:      electromotor    diesel engine

Y225M-4B35   R4105ZD1

Power (kW)          45            56

Rotate speed (r/min)   1480         1500

Drilling capacity      50 drill pipe  drill depth 1600m


Rotational speed of spindle (r/min)

Corotation: 41, 69, 134, 189, 222, 270

332, 371, 610, 871, 1071

Reversal:  46, 141

Max, torque of spindle (nm)                 52000(69r/min)

Spindle diameter(mm)                      92

Hoisting capacity (kn)                      rating 125

Pressure boost  (kn)                       rating 65

Feed travel (mm)                           600

Windlass: model                     planetary type hydromatic brake

Hoisting capacity (kn)                 cope capacity (m) 100

2  mud pump model       BW380/8  type mud pump

       Type     horizontal, triples, single acting reciprocation piston pump

       Journey                   100mm

       Cylinder bore               95mm

       Runoff(l/min)              380  264  178  124

      Pressure(mpa)              2.6   3.8  5.5   8

      Input power(kw)            22

3  drilling tower(m)                          height 13

4 Control using electricity box (kw)              75

5 specification of tire                          18.00-25-32PR

6 outline size(mm)                            9700*3800*14800

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Miaopu,Zhuhui,Hengyang,Hunan,China [421002]
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