Shale Shaker

Date: 03 Sep 2010
Balanced Elliptical Shale Shaker
Explosion protection system
Obliquity adjustment
Shale shaker site 1
Shale shaker site 2

I Use
Used for solid-phase separation in drilling fluid circulating system.
II Characteristics
1. The balanced elliptical shale shaker adopts balanced elliptical trajectory which makes the effect of screening and spigot product better;
2. The number of sieve mesh is 80-300, which means high performance;
3. A single shaker has the large handling capacity of 60L/S;
4. The rapid mesh-screen unilateral strain structure make mesh-screen changeover time much shorter (2 minutes), greatly reduces operators' labor intensity;
5. The inclosed anti-splashing device makes working environment more clean and comfortable;
6. Many modes of screen box obliquity could be selected: Electromotion, hydraulic and mechanism;
7. Quality stainless-steel screen box and buffer tank could be selected; And
8. Fluorocarbon coating has the performance of multiple anticorrosion and long service life.

III Technical Parameter

Exciting force(KN)

Amplitude (mm)
(L)≥ 6, ( S)≥ 2.5
(L)≥ 6.5, ( S)≥ 3

Screen box obliquity
Dynamic control: -1° ~5°
Dynamic control: -1° ~5°

Screen size mm
1053× 700(697)× 3
1133× 780× 3

380V 50Hz

Discharge capacity

External dimension mm
2880(2380)× 1200 single
4092× 2880(2380)× 1200 double
2850(2380)× 1200 single
3820*2850(2380)× 1200 double
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