Date: 31 Aug 2009
1.The single shaft drawworks is consisted of alternating current frequency conversion motor、gear reducer, hydraulic disc brake,cradle,drum shaft assembly, automatic driller and drawworks control system and so on.
2.The gear drives with high efficiency, small shock, low noise, long service life.
3.Drawworks use digital control alternating current frequency conversion varying speed control device to achieve the homopolar gearshift.
4.The drawwork is designed as single shaft notch roller structure, notch in accordance with API standard.
5.The main brake of drawworks is designed as hydraulic disc brake, assist brake is energy consumption brake or Eaton brake.
6.The drawworks is equipped with independent digital control alternating current frequency conversion gear and computer automatic control system and will be able to realize automatic bit feeding.
Triaxial four-speed chain gear drawworks feature:
1.Shaft gear adopts roller gear, material of shaft is steel alloy.
2.Driving chain adopts forced lubrication.
3 Roller notched. The high speed and low speed stub strap of roller have ventilation air clutch. Band brake rim adopts backwater for forced cooling. The brake flange of disc brake uses forced backwater cooling or air blast cooled. Friction surface of rim and brake disc after superficially quenching has good abrasion resistance and long service life.
4.The surface of chain sprocket tooth profile goes through medium frequency quench
5.Main brake adopts band brake or hydraulic disc brake. Auxiliary brake divides into energy consumption brake/eddy current brake/E.T. N brake 
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