HT-150K drilling machine

Date: 10 Dec 2009

The HT-150K is a new type drilling machine for drilling shallow bored well. It’s usually used for engineering and geological drilling  it’s used for drilling of geological core and small well too.

1)      Range of applicability

1、  This type of drilling machine is applicable to engineering and geological prospecting of railroad, highroad, bridge, power station, tunnel, industry, civil architecture and testing pile, It’s also applicable to drilling of geological core and small well, strengthening groundsill, and supplying slurry for revolving spew pile and rupture pile.

2、  According to geologic condition choose drilling technology such as diamond, alloy, cast steel shot, steel shot and so on.

3、  It can drill in 2-9 grade sandy clay and horizon d etc.

4、  The max depth is 150m and the max hole diameter is 150mm.

2)      Key feature

1、  The HT-150K drilling machine drive is mechanical drive, and it has hydraulic pressure self-acting feed system, It can relieve the operator’ s labor intensity because of its high work efficiency.

2、  The speed range and the application area are wise.

3、  The max torque of the HT-150Kdrilling machine is big, the intensity is high and the drilling capacity better.

4、  The speed range and the application area are wise.

5、  It can achieve high pressure revolving spew when it match for high pressure pump directly.

It’s power station is a buncher, so it can achieve stepless speed regulation.

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