Drill collar

Date: 16 Aug 2010

Raw materials:   
A drill collar is made of structure steel alloy forged or rolled from AISI 4145H.

Processing and thermal treatment of deep-holes:
The drill collar is processed and made as per Standard API SPEC 7. Thermal treatment is conducted over the whole length of the products to ensure that its mechanic performance can meet the provisions under the Standard API SPEC 7. Its Brinell hardness ranges between 285 and 341. And impact energy of its Charpy V-shaped notch can be 40 ft-lb at a temperature of 20oC±5oC 1 inch below the surface of the pipe.

During the entire process of the making of a drill collar, complete data from performance tests for the processing of each part including roughcast, thermal treatment and connecting thread will be kept for reference. A separate number will be affixed to each single part.  

Required testing procedures:
All the drill collars will be tested according to the API Standard. Testing of surface dimensions and ultrasonic wave and magnetic particle testing over the whole length of a product will be included.

Cold forming of thread bases:
Cold rolling must be done for the bolt root and elevator recess of a drill collar. Thus, the bearing capacity of the upper radius will be increased via reducing crack diffusion to increase fatigue strength of a drill collar and extend the service life. 

Phosphating or brass plating:
Phosphating or brass plating will be conducted for all screw threads to increase their corrosion resistance and avoid thread jamming of drilling tools. 
Dimensions for slip, elevator groove and elevator through-holes of the drill collar (API RP 7G)
Our company may, as per users’ requirements, process slips and elevator grooves on drill collars. Hoisting joints and safety grips are not required for the grooves to ensure safety during operations. The dimensions and shapes of the slips and elevator grooves all comply with the provisions under the Code API RP 7G.  

Screw thread protector:
Our company may, as per users’ requirements, provide steel or plastic-steel ring thread protectors (thread protector) for our products.
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