Air packages

Date: 04 Jun 2009
In order to reduce the pressure and drilling mud pump displacement fluctuations, normally in the air from the pipeline installation on the packet, I inhaled produced by the advanced air package structure, reliable performance will enable the inhalation of mud pump achieve the best results, widely used oil and chemical transmission of high-pressure pipeline, it can balance the mud pump high-pressure fluid pressure peak, a steady pressure to minimize losses role. The product also can be used as exhaust machine stabilizer and shock absorber used.

The mud pump
In the pipeline from the installation, can balance the mud pump high-pressure fluid pressure peak, play a stabilizing pressure, reduce losses and ensure safety role, so that the inhalation of mud pump achieve the best results.

Excretion buffer
Pumps and compressors installed in the discharge end, can avoid the pressure fluctuations caused cylinder pistons, valves, piping-Block and the fatigue damage and prolong the service life of the equipment.

Absorption oscillation
In a fluid system valves open and various other reasons for the sudden closure of the valve, the impact will be tremendous pressure from a water hammer phenomenon, resulting in the tubes and tube rupture at the damage and the downstream equipment. Installation of inhaled air packages, can play a buffer role to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon.

Inverse oscillation
When the pump head up to a certain height, the impact of fluid entering the inverse oscillation valve will cause the pump suddenly closed. Installation of inhaled air package, we can absorb some of oscillation.

Energy storage
As the installations in a unique design, can be stored on board in energy, water pressure, according to customer demand in the short term may provide some energy, to the provision of key lubricants (nozzle) for rotary sprinkler irrigation is very useful and can prevent because of the disruption caused lubricants expensive (nozzle) rotary sprinkler irrigation for failure damage.
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