XQ89/3YD hydraulic power tongs

Date: 16 Dec 2009
 XQ89/3YD hydraulic power tong is a kind of aperture power tong, motivated by low-speed large torque hydraulic motor, straight tooth cylindrical gear transmission, 2gearshifts, cheek cam clamping structure. The product has used many new technologies, various hydraulic fittings are configured for the hydraulic power tong to satisfy different operation demands of loading or unloading the screw thread of vitta such asφ60 (2 3/8″)φ73 (2 7/8″)φ89 (3 1/2″)in different conditions.
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Haicheng Petroleum Machinery Manufacture Limited Company
West Sifangtai Town Haicheng City Liaoning Province[114218]
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