PP-120 High-pressure Mud Pump

PP-120 High-pressure Mud Pump is made by using Japanese technique of high-pressure, and its performance reaches international advanced level of productions of same class.
  The pump is used in high pressure engineering as base treatment of foundation, water isolating, leak plugging or improvement of feeble foundation.
Peculiarity of the pump
(1) With simple structure, easily to maintain, long life-span of construction part.
(2) With a speed-adjustable electrical motor, the displacement of the pump is easy to change by turn the knob on control plate,? fits various technology.
(3) Lower noise, that can work in city in civil engineering.
(4) All kinds of buttons and instruct sheets are concentrated, convenient in operation.
(5) All-shielded, prevent pouring of water or mud, secure in using, slinky of figure, conveniently to carry.
The cost of introducing:
The contact about this company is Fees Information, you must spend a small amount of money to obtain it. Click Here to see the price table.
Contact information:
Beijing Exploring Machinery Plant
No.9, Banbidian Street,Tongzhou District,Beijing,China[101149]
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