Drill Stem Subs

Date: 17 Aug 2009
Drill Stem Subs are used to connect two different drilling string parts. Drill Stem Subs are classified into 7 different types according to the their function. Details pls refer to: link
Tensile Properties and Impact Properties are the same as requirement of drill collars as spcified in Drill Collar Section.
Ordering instruction, pls specify:
Identify sub use. Example: Kelly Sub, Crossover Sub for drill pipe to drill collar, Crossover Sub for drill collar to drill collar, Bit Sub etc;
Overall Length;
Largest Diameter;
Size and type of upper and lower connections, Pin or Box;
On reduced section subs, specify:
  Diameter of reduced section
  Length of reduced section
On Bit Subs, specify:
  Float bore, size and type
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