ZJ70/4500DBS Rig

It adopts integrated design of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and digital control, utilizes fully the advantages of advanced digital control AC VF electric transmission, and simplifies its mechanical structure.

As adopting of slingshot type substructure, drill floor equipments and driller cabin etc realize low-position installation and integer lifting.

Cantilevel type substructure, whose rig floor can reach 10.5m , is more suitable for exploration and exploitation of HP gas well; driller's cabin is separated from drill floor, which can independently lifted to its position by hydraulic and avoid effect caused by drill floor vibration on instruments and control elements in it.

Cooperate with top drive, three sets of 1600 hp VF mud pump provide good conditions for inclined wells and directional wells drilling.

Electric transmission adopts vector VF drive system to realize all digital operation and control, and also processes elementary functions of automation, intelligence and information to realize collection (signal), display, restoration, printing, remote monitoring and management of control and drilling parameters.

Wide-range, high-precision and effective control on bit pressure, bit rev, pump pressure and pump displacement can be easily achieved to improve drilling technology greatly.

By the use of VF technology, DW realizes max torque output when i ts speed is zero to ensure the suspension function of rig lifting system, which change traditional driller operation mode completely.

Operation and control system adopt dual-way PLC redundant design to improve the reliability of the system.

This rig is equipped with an integral driller's cabin, in which a driller can finish major operations.
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Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd
No.99, East Road , Information Park , Jinniu District,Chengdu City , Sichuan, China[6 1003 6]
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