ZJ30/1700CZ drilling rig

① Drilling by DP
② Meet the requirements on well adjustment and lateral drilling operation
③ Put and install wellhead equipment and casings
④ Trip string, examine and repair on the downhole equipment
⑤ Grind bridge plug or drill cement plug
⑥ Fishing operation
⑦ Wash the sand on bottom-hole or perforated well section

Design principle

1. Meet the technical requirement on bidding;
2. The advanced domestic and overseas technology and structure are adopted, key parts are    bought in to improve the rig reliability and enhance the standard factor
3. Insist the design principle of safety first and put double safety device on the key parts to    protect person and equipment safety;
4. Strengthen protection against abrasion to prolong using life;

5. Insist the design principle of reliability to prolong the using life of the drilling rig;
6. Strengthen human engineering to improve the working efficiency;
7. Conform to HSE Specs

Technical specification
Structure type                              double drum, truck-mounted and self-propelled
Nominal drilling depth                  10000 ft (41/2″DP)
Max. hook load                            400000lbs
Engine power                              2×475hp(two sets )
Engine model                              CAT3408(two sets )
Drive way                                    Hydraulic +mechanical
Transmission model                      Allison 5961(two sets )
Drawworks gear NO.                    5F+1R
Mast height                                  118/125(ft)
Traveling system                          4×5/5×6
Wireline dia.                                Φ11/4 in
Hook block speed                          0.66~4.59(ft/s)
Substructure height                      19.685ft
Opening dia. of rotary table            27.5in
Chassis drive way                        14×8
Main unit weight when moving      170000lbs
Overall dimension when moving    73×10×15 (ft)

The cost of introducing:
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Contact information:
Beijing Dongshun Bowang Petro-Machinery Co.,ltd
No.2,Shilipu,Ganluyuan,Chaoyang district,Beijing,P.R.China[1000123]
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