Power system, drawworks, mast, traveling system and transmission devices of truck- mounted drilling rig (mobile drilling rig) are mounted on a self-propelled chassis for high efficient mobilization. (SINOPEC)Shengli Oilfield Highland Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed truck-mounted drilling rigs for drilling depth of 3,280' (1000m), 4,920' (1500m), 6,560' (2000m), 9,840' (3000m) and 13,123'(4000m), whose static hook load ranges from 253000lbs (1125kN) to 505800lbs (2250kN). The truck- mounted drilling rigs have following features:heavy working load, reliable performance, good cross-country capability, easy mobilization and low moving cost, which are suitable for the drilling operation of medium depth and shallow oil well on land, desert and plateau.

Main characteristics of Highland Company series of truck-mounted drilling rigs

◆ Power system adopts Caterpillar engine and Allison hydro-mechanical transmission.

◆ Electric, air, and hydraulic system are centrally controlled. Key components are of famous mature domestic make or world famous make.

◆ The mast design and manufacturing comply with API 4F specification. Computer aided finite element analysis and stress inspection test in the plant have been conducted. The surface of structural pieces adopts sandblast treatment.

◆ Main drum completes with integral type Lebus groove. Main brake is band type brake or hydraulic disc brake. Auxiliary brake can be of air controlled water-cooling disc brake, air tong brake, electromagnetic eddy auxiliary brake. Sand drum is optional.

◆ Chassis is powered by the deck engine via transfer case. It adopts heavy-load and wide shaft, high strength main beam, and hydraulic power steering device to prolong the service life.

◆ Optional several humanization designs, including new-style cab, embedded stairs, automatic locking pin for mast, air controlled auxiliary brake and the guard for engine designed for different climatic conditions.
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Shengli Oilfield Highland Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd
No. 233, Dong'Er Road, Dongying City,[257091]
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