Mechanical Rotary Table Rig

1)The mechanical / AC VF electric compound drive rig with independent rotary table drive, has better economic property of mechanical rig, and partial merit of DBS rig at the same time, is a kind of high performance and economical utility rig for deep well drilling.
2)It resolves thoroughly the inconsistency (that they can not be adjusted separately) between rotary speed and SPM of pump. And the rotary speed can completely satisfy the requirement of drilling technology.
3)It adopts full digital-control, constant WOB and auto-bit- feed, the bit is fed evenly and smoothly. This prolongs its service life, achieves the wellbore quality, increases the mechanical penetration rate greatly, and prevents downhole accident.
4)The driller cabin, integrated with electric (digital), pneumatic, hydraulic control and video communication function, realizes the functions of adjustment, display, storage, print, monitoring and remote management of electric parameters and drilling parameters. And it provides driller with a safe, centralized, convenient, reliable and comfortable working condition.
5)After the parallel operation for 3 sets of diesel engine via the chain drive compound and hydraulic coupling gear box, the drawworks, 2 mud pumps and 800kVA generator are driven respectively, the drive efficiency is higher than traditional mechanical rig.
6)The chain drive compound of 800kVA generator (wide frequency) provides power to rotary table and wellsite distribution system with obvious effect in energy saving.
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Rugao Yaou Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd
23#, Haiyang North Road, Rugao, Jiangsu, China [226500]
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