Series of low temperature drilling rigs manufactured by (SINOPEC) Highland Company are drilling and workover equipment developed on the basis of conventional mature drilling rigs. In consideration of effect of low temperature on metal structural parts, rubber parts, electrical elements, signal elements, fluid media, manufacturing processes and operating environments, some feasible measures have been taken according to Russian oilfield condition to develop the rigs which are suitable for -45℃ environment. To optimize drilling rig design, a lot of new measures, new materials and new technology are adopted. It adopts double thermal protection methods which are using low temperature material and adding local heating measures to make sure that the rigs can work in low temperature situation safely.

◆ Efficient power system.

◆ More powerful capacity of loading and transmission ensure safe and reliable working.

◆ Stronger load-bearing capacity mast assembly can be suited to top drive installation.

◆ The drawworks system is equipped with auxiliary brake.

◆ Wider and more stable drilling floor.

◆ More optimized configuration.

◆ Major structural parts are mostly made of quality materials for low temperature.

◆ Key components and valves are suitable for low temperature.

◆ Special rubber parts, sealing parts and hoses can be used in low temperature situation.

◆ Local heating and insulation system can be more suitable for low temperature situation.

◆ Special oil for low temperature situation.

◆ Can be operated in -45℃ and stored in -60℃.
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Shengli Oilfield Highland Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd
No. 233, Dong'Er Road, Dongying City,[257091]
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