Electromechanical Rig

1)The rig mainframe is equipped with rig moving device, which can move the rig with setback load within wellsite; the power and drive system once installed well, they can not be moved again, it is suitable for cluster well drilling.

2)The drilling pump and generator (wide frequency) are driven by the mode of “ diesel + coupling gear box + chain drive compound ” or “ diesel + parallel operation with V-belt ” , the drawworks and rotary table are driven by AC variable frequency motors. This kind of rig not only has the main functions and features of AC VF electric rig, but also has low price compared to AC VF electric rig, and has outstanding energy saving effect.

3)Single shaft drawworks, one gear stepless speed regulating, full digital close – loop control of AC VF electric drive, completely preset for safety protection, convenient for operation.

4)The hydraulic disk brake and dynamic brake are adopted in drawworks, the hydraulic disk brake is used only in manual bit feeding, orientation, parking and emergency brake.

5)The auxiliary drive device can be used for hoisting the max. weight of drill string while the main drive fails, it can realize the constant WOB auto-bit-feeding, the WOB control precision is perfect.

6)Modular design, reasonable layout and power distribution aid each other well, the efficiency of power using is high.

7)The driller cabin integrates the functions of electric (digital), hydraulic, pneumatic control and video communication, can achieve the functions for collecting, displaying, storing, printing of drilling parameters, and perfect functions of monitoring, protection and failure self-diagnosis, the driller can realize all drilling operation sitting in room, the working condition be improved and the labor intensity be lightened greatly.

8)Satisfy the requirement for TDS installation.

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