Drilling rigs(2000m series)

2000m rigs are used to explore middle deep oil well, they have the features of simple structure and easy operation. Now we have four types of this rig: ZJ20;ZJ20DJ;ZJ20DZ;ZJ20DB.
    ZJ20/1350 is a mechanical transmission drilling rig. The power is from diesel engine and reducer, then transform into 4F+1R speed by gear drive in gear-box. The output shaft of gearbox transmit power to drawworks by chain, intermediate shaft of gearbox drive rotary table via intermediate shaft of drawworks, the shift of gearbox is pneumatic .
    ZJ20/1350DJ、DZ、DB are rigs driven by AC,DC, and AC frequency motors.
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Baoji Ziband Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd
Building A, (Ziband Building), Technology Innovation Park, No. 195 Hi-tech Road, Weibin district, Baoji City, P.R.China[721013]
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