Drilling rigs(1500m series)

1500m drilling rigs are used to explore middle deep oil and coal-bed methane. They have characteristics of simple structure and easy operation. Now we have four types of this rig: ZJ15;ZJ15DJ;ZJ15DZ;ZJ15DB

ZJ15/90 is a mechanical transmission drilling rig. The power is from diesel engine and reducer, then transform into 3F+1R speed by gear drive in gear-box. The output shaft of gearbox transmit power to drawworks by chain, intermediate shaft of gearbox drive rotary table via intermediate shaft of drawworks, the shift of gearbox is pneumatic。

 ZJ15/90DJ、DZ、DB are rigs driven by AC,DC, and AC frequency motors.。
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Baoji Ziband Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd
Building A, (Ziband Building), Technology Innovation Park, No. 195 Hi-tech Road, Weibin district, Baoji City, P.R.China[721013]
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