Drilling Rig(ZJ30T Truck-mounted)

1. The whole unit utilizes hydraulic + mechanical transmission which realizes the flexible stepless adjust- ment of speed of the drilling device and the trailer. The Caterpillar engine and Allison hydraulic transm- ission mate reasonably with high transmission efficiency and excellent safety. Utilization effectiveness of the engine is increased greatly.
2. Drilling devices are mounted on the trailer; thus, the movability of the rig is increased. The assembling
and preparatory time is shortened and the effectiveness of the rig is increased.
3. The rig which is equipped with complete hydraulic and pneumatic operating control system and double
crown saver decreases the worker’s intensity of work and enhances the safety of operation.
4.The entirely forging brake rim and water circulating cooling system are used to increase the safety of
braking and service life of the brake rim. They are also beneficial to environment.
5. Engine killing and over speed safety device are equipped to meet the requirement of oil and gas well site.
6. The chassis which is heavy-load trailer has good universality and cross-country capability.
7. The rotary table can realize forward – reverse shift and can be suitable for all kinds of drilling pipe rotary
operation. It is equipped with anti-torque release device to ensure that the drilling pipe deformation force
can be released safely
8. Designed according to API International specifications to meet the requirement of HSE and International
public bidding.
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Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd
No.1 of Fu Wang Street in Fu Yuan Economic Area,MeiChang,[301701]
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