Drilling Rig(SPC-500TH Water Wel l)

SPC-500TH Water Well Drilling Rig is a truck- mounted rotary drilling rig. Equipped with proper drilling devices, this rig can be used for other drilling purpose. The model is mainly for hydrological geology and water well drilling in clay, sand and bedrock layers. It can be used for the detection and exploration of underground water. It can also be used for construction of underground tunnels, ventilation holes and etc.     
The rig can be installed on the chassis of “STEYR” or “Benz”. The rig is very compact in structure with the feature of easy movement, operation and maintenance.

The cost of introducing:
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Contact information:
Tonghua Petro-chemical Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd
No 2607, Jianshe Street Tonghua City, Jilin Province[134000]
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