deep level stirring drill rig(SJ4-500 Ⅲ )

Date: 10 Dec 2009

SJ4-500 deep level stirring drill rig is a late model rig which is used to deal with weak ground and it is improved by our company on the basis of SJ4-500 deep level stirring drill rig. Using the principle of deep level grouting padding process, the drill rig reinforces weak ground base through injecting cement slurry into soil and stirring them to make them solidify and become pile.

       SJ4-500 deep level stirring drill rig is developed according to domestic disposal status quo of weak ground together with merits of this kind of equipment in existence. It is widely applied to reinforcement disposal of weak ground base such as body of railroad, highway, harbor construction, municipal engineering, truncation seepage and anti seepage wall disposal of river dam, industry and civil architecture and so on. Along with popularization and application of deep level stirring execution method in domestic, especially applying in reinforcement of river dam anti seepage wall, the drill rig will accompany you to succeed in the disposal of weak ground and execution of river dam anti seepage wall. It will bring you appreciable economic benefit and social benefit and is your perfect construction equipment.

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